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Bolt the door

Not too long ago, I was there lying in my bed trying to get out, I overslept once again and didn't want to come out. I somehow managed to pull myself out. I was very thirsty so after a big gulp of water from my bottle that I used to keep under my bed, I stood up and took a look outside. After days, Sun was shining up there in the sky with lovely sunshine. To my comfort, chilly and dry wind was not blowing which I hate the most about winters, it makes your skin dull and your hair flaky. So this can be described as a perfect day for me as long as the weather is concerned.

It's 1 'O' clock in the afternoon, I'm done with my daily routine, coffee is ready and I'm trying to come up with a new strategy so that I can crush my goals for the new year as this year was about to end. Suddenly I felt as if someone is sitting behind me.

I turned around and saw four weird-looking people sitting in my room. I freaked out and asked, "Who the hell are you guys and how did you enter my room?"

One of them whose legs were shaking turned down his head and in a broken voice he said, "Sir, my name is Doubt, you don't know me very well but your other self and I are close friends."

My other self I shouted.

"Yes, sir your other self, a very decent man just like me full of self-doubt and pity."

"I'm not a man filled with self-doubt and pity, I know my goals very well and will achieve them no matter what"

But to my surprise, something came back to me in a flash.

"I do doubt myself sometimes, recently when I thought about that idea of starting my first venture and dropped it, it happened because of self-doubt. Although I tried to bury the fact and blamed my lack of resources for it. This has happened a lot of time, I just don't remember", I murmured.

I was thinking very pensively. But Mr. Doubt interrupted me in between saying that he's very happy that I and my other self are now acquainted.

"Alright", I said.

"Shall I sent an invitation to you guys to speak", said I in a deep voice addressing the others.

"No need of an invitation sir." replied a beautiful but frightened girl.

"My name is Insecurity and these are my friends, Average & Distraction, I have some other friends as well to whom you would definitely like to meet, they don't know you yet but I promise that if you maintain a good relationship with us they will join you for sure.", she further added.

"Okay I get it, now just tell me what do you guys want", said I, riled by everything that was happening.

"I want you to be average. Just like me neither too high nor too low, always hitting the sweet spot."

"And why do you think I'm gonna do that?", I asked while making a gesture that in my folly I thought would surely dominate him.

"Because sir I've got the key to your comfort zone if you don't befriend me, you can't get in and this is something you crave the most. Don't you? Every morning when you come out of your bed and every night when you don't get to kill your time due to some work, you miss your comfort zone."

"It's a good offer just be friends with me and get unlimited access, don't think too much just close the deal", he added.

I thought it's a great deal, and I have a history with such things. I've made several deals like this in the past and it felt quite homely to me.

But I avoided to said it out loud and moved to the other one. Mr. Distraction, cool name though sounds like a rapper or an underground fighter.

"I want you to look beyond your goals and dreams, there's so much to explore on the internet, in the lives of others, in stuff you haven't even tasted yet. Get the experience before its too late.", proposed Distraction.

"I think you're right, these are the days of my youth and I can do whatever I wanna do, my whole life is there to act like a responsible man, its time to have fun. Moreover, if I skip these things I won't become a good judge of character"., I said with confidence.

"Wise words from a decent man", he replied with a cunning smile on his face.

"Now what do you want pretty girl", said I with my hand pointed out to insecurity who looked just like Billie Eilish from the song, 'When the party is over.'

"I want you to be aware," she replied.

"Aware of what?"

"Aware of the respect that you hold in the hearts of people that you know or you don't know it doesn't matter. What matter is that you should hold a good reputation in the society which is a very fragile thing and can break even with a slightly wrong move of yours."

"Play a safe game, gambling is not good for anyone. Even if you take measured risk, 1% of the flip-side is sufficient to ruin your life or some precious years of it", she enlightened me.

"Be like your other self, give us some room in your room", they sang in unison.

I was going to say yes but all of a sudden someone pushed me out of the room.

I looked at him in astonishment as he shouted, "Bolt the door!"

It was my Accountability brother, I talk to him every night before going to bed.

"What are you looking at, stand up and do as I say, they are evil and will take everything from you, hurry up and bolt the door," yelled he while pushing those four inside with all his might.

I took a leap of faith, stood up quickly and...

I bolted the door.