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Paralysis by Analysis

I'm a big believer of planning no plans, no process translates to no results or to Inferior ones. Planning makes everything so simple that you start to see the end results, like some ancient Oracle of Greece. If I do this in this sequence this will happen and in most of the cases it does. The process becomes so lucid, so easy, so manageable that even real big problems start to look like a piece of cake. Because through your plan you've successfully divided this problem into smaller chunks of problems (did you?).

But for planning you need to analyse the situation in terms of resources, trends and anything that could've some impact on the process.

This takes a lot of thinking and research and most importantly time. You think too hard very single minute of the day, if it really matters to you.

You think and think and think, you write it down on a piece of paper, you throw it away. You write it down again this time with some minor modifications that you make in influence of someone that you consider the master of the given subject or just better than you because this someone has a lot of experience in that particular field and then throw it away.

All this is happening because you want it to be perfect. In this pursuit of perfection you devote days in and days out. Only one thing roams around your head that how can I do this (Perfectly).

Now something comes up you're not even ready with your plan and you've to leave it. You tell yourself, "Well this can be done afterwards with a better plan and resources and when the pressure would be much less, I'll do it".

But in your heart you know that the pressure would never be the less, No one knows what life might throw in the way.

The root of all this planning and strategy is something that you want to achieve in your life. Something that you want to accomplish because you have some dreams that you see when you're not asleep.

Now you're not even near to this dream of yourself and lost a significant amount of time. This makes you somewhat loser in your mind. And once you accept that you're a loser, life makes you one. Because Man is but a bi-product of his thoughts. In addition to that anxiety and depression also creep in.

But against all odds, you get yourself together because you want it so bad (do you?) that nothing can shake you off.

'Man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated' these wise words of Ernest Hemingway stands true to this situation.

There's still hope. Hope what a beautiful and vital word! The pivot of human life. Something good that came out of the Pandora's Box and thrived among all the evil of the world.

Anyway, hope pulls you out. But now you have less time, much less than when you started to think and plan. Because you have less time and because you want it as fast as you can. A bulletproof plan is all you need. You've got the point right!

This is the infamous vicious circle of planning.

Now you must be thinking, its not bad at all to be a perfectionist. Perfection is a trait that sets someone apart from the rest of the world. But there's a difference between being a perfectionist in the very beginning and becoming a perfectionist during the journey.

But why do we chose to be or behave like a perfectionist in the first hand.

This is because we're afraid. We are afraid of our family, our friends, our society in which we live and the world at large. We're afraid even from the strangers who don't have to do anything with you. They don't even know you exist. Even if they know what difference does it make.

A healthy amount of fear is a good thing to have otherwise you'll end up like those morons on social media that don't give a damn about society and people and will do anything for popularity. You must be thoughtful and always try to create something meaningful that adds value to you as well as to this world.

Now you see that a balance would be great. But you are surrounded with a lot of people and a great many creators. This is a jungle where only the strongest survives.

And again to the contrary to all the discussion to be the best you have to plan the best.

Can you find a way out of the trap?