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The Blackhole in our Pockets

Updated: Mar 4

How do we know what we know?

Either it comes from within or we know it because someone else also does and have transferred that knowledge to us.

The knowledge that comes from the outside world has its limitations. We agree to everything that has said by someone important. Or we just don't take it as it is and alter it as we wish to.

In both the cases, the essence remains the same but in the second situation at least we take the pain and try to modify it or make it right for our purposes with our thought process.

But what about the laws of physics, the mathematical equations and other fugazi that we humans have created. We are supposed to consume it in the purest form possible.

Decades ago a visionary named Robert M. Pirsig wrote a book, 'Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance'. Which holds the record of the most read philosophy book till now.

At the beginning of the book, he argues that Newton's law of gravity is nothing more than a human invention as are the laws of logic, mathematics, and Ghosts.

No one that I know has ever seen a ghost but still many of them believe in the existence of something supernatural.

I know that the author has gone a little too far, comparing Newton's law of Gravity to ghosts.

But that's the power of being contemplative. That's the power that can challenge anything or everything for that matter.

Now let's move on to the knowledge that comes from within. There was a time when these inner thoughts were genuine & unadulterated. Pure like the atmosphere of this very planet that we live on. But in recent times the paradigm has shifted and even our introspection is not pure nor is our atmosphere.

Think of a guy who is not only 25, perplexed, lost and worried. He thinks that he is growing old. Because the things that he is supposed to do at this age are not being done. He's not even close.

But I wonder from where does this list of tasks or so-called 'Experience' comes from? It comes from the outer environment which is made of people we don't even know. But the influence our psyche in ways, we can't think of. It works in such a mysterious way that even the wisest of us all can't fathom.

All this is happening because today's world is all about information and not knowledge. The countless pieces of information that we consume every single day, it has adulterated our body, mind, and soul and has made us hungry for instant gratification.

I know that the use of tech is critical for our evolution and survival but gorging up on content without thinking pensively is wrong.

We can stop it and can enjoy a life of mindfulness & self-reflection. But what about the things that are fed to us subconsciously. Yes, I'm talking about the ads & the marketing campaigns that we all come in touch with several times a day. This is like a 'Mass Hypnosis' as Pirsig puts it.

All this information with a lot of junk has taken a place in the little black hole inside or pockets that attracts anything that comes across it. And with all this information a lot of garbage has also been deeply rooted in our minds.

Is there any cleansing process?

Can we erase everything and start with a clean slate?