The Richest man in Babylon by George S. Clason: The Review

The title is catchy and the hype is there. A couple of years earlier when I first heard about this book, the hype was the same as it is now.

I just never read it. Because I didn’t want any help with money. I wouldn’t have read it, if it weren’t for my partner who made me realized that I need to save and invest.

I’m not a finance guy so for the most basic wisdom and to learn the thumb rules of money management, I bought it.

There are only 135 pages in this book so a couple of days were sufficient enough to read it.

I read it and witnessed how a not so interesting topic of wealth management could be made simple and easily apprehensible with an ancient fable or a collection of fables.

The thing about George Clason's style is that he let the reader use his imagination in a very subtle way. I was there in the sands of Babylon. In the huge temple, learning about the rules of wealth creation with Bansir and Kobbi the musician.

I liked it the most about this book the feeling that you get when you read it. Otherwise the content inside this is quite simple and not so appealing, especially for ones who know a thing or two about personal finance.

The book is divided into 10 chapters, each chapter consists of a fable with a pinch of wisdom. That many of us already know about yet ignore.

I recommend this book to people like me, who are not so good with money management. But want to learn about it in a easy manner.

Folks with good knowledge of the subject can also read it. It will serve as a relaxed read with a positive outlook towards the wealth

I recommend this book the most to the parents for they can pass this easy to digest knowledge to the younger generation with tender minds. I can ensure that this wisdom will guide them for the rest of their lives for good.


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