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The Scapegoat

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

You've been taught since your childhood that don't regret when the unexpected has happened. Or is it the expected that has happened. In your heart you know that this going to be happen. One doesn't need a crystal ball to know the outcome, ACTION defines the future. (Does it?)

When you have to take the plunge when you've to go for it with all your heart and soul, when you need to just crush it. What stops you, the most common answer is PROCRASTINATION.

Or is it just that guy who gets blamed for everything?

You had this guy in every phase of your life, in your childhood most probably he was one of your siblings, in your adolescent years this guy was one of your parents. And now when you're enjoying the adult life, this guy is your Boss or the System or the Government.

But when you get in the mood of doing something and you know that, this is going to be fruitful and you don't attempt. Clock is ticking, time's up. You blame this PSYCHOLOGICAL ATTRIBUTE of yourself that is common to almost every human being and move on. With a mission to destroy this habit.

Now if you break down this nasty habit of yours, it is not that simple to understand. It is made up of several other factors like perfectionism, fear, lack of motivation, lack of testosterone (sometimes).

And all these factors are made up of several other tiny parts. Most of the times it depends on the MOOD, which is as complex to understand as procrastination itself.

So saying that, that I need to get rid of this overly-generalized habit is totally wrong.

You don't even understand it. Now how can you consider to get rid of it. It might be possible that procrastination is a MECHANISM of your mind that is stopping you from doing the things that won't add any value to your life.

You don't even know what's good for you in the first place. It can't be envisaged clearly. As Steve Jobs once said that you can't connect the dots looking forward. You just need to relax and take a leap of faith.

What is it that stopping you?

Are you using procrastination as a SCAPEGOAT?

Can you keep up with your blame game when there's nothing to blame?