The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell: The Review

I came across this book earlier in this year. I bought it and then it was there in the shelf for around three months waiting for some attention. So I decided to give it a read. There are only 260 pages in this book and it is written by Malcolm Gladwell. I consider him one of the greatest nonfictional writer of our time. Moreover, the basic idea behind this book is very fascinating. If one could understand why some products ideas or behavior patterns trip then perhaps the same process can be repeated for ones product or service. The author proposes the idea of epidermic’s. Ideas and behavior patterns are contagious and they spread just like viruses do.They are ample examples provided in support of this idea.From fashion trends to disease and criminal behavior everything spreads even the emotions are contagious.Some ideas, products, behaviors and emotions reach a certain point over a period of time then they tip and spread like a wildfire.

But not everything reaches the tipping point. There is a set of goods that governs this phenomenon. This contains three rules. -The law of the few -The stickiness factor -The power of context

Then the author takes deep in real life scenarios so that the readers can have a good understanding of these roles.And because everything is related to some sort of incident that really took place in this world,  Reading this book does not feel heavy. The content is original and it is for sure that Mr. Gladwell has devoted a lot of time observing and researching for this piece of work.

Another thing that I liked about this book is the way author tells the stories. These stories work like a skeleton around which the whole book is woven. This also the thing that happens to annoy me. Sometimes you don’t need a five pages long analysis of an incident to understand the point the author is trying to make. But that’s not a big deal when compared to the value this book provides to the reader. This book is what provoking and I ended up having a lot of ideas about how I can make my business venture or career tip. And I am sure that every thoughtful reader would have a similar kind of feeling after reading this.


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