Why we Sleep by Matthew Walker: The Review

I got to know about this book from Bill Gates' leading list. I was having trouble sleeping for sometime, so I thought maybe it could help me with some tips and tricks. Because the tips, we get from the internet seem dubious to me and they never helped me out with my sleep. Maybe they are helpful and I just don't want to believe whatever the case is. I didn't have any trust issues with this book for two reasons. One it is recommended by a lot of persons I consider wise, second this is written by a neuroscientist.

But when I bought the book I found that this is something else. Reading this book thoroughly can place you in the elite 1% of the worlds population who knows SLEEP.

Believe me, this book provided me with such a dense information that I could not have find elsewhere.

The Structure

My copy by penguin has 340 pages with comparatively small fonts. This books is divided into 4 parts. Each part has 3/5 chapters. It seems that author has put in a lot of time and effort to structure this book. He successfully has structured it in a way that all of this scientific information doesn’t feel heavy at all. Another good thing is that you can go back and forth into parts and it won’t affect your entire reading that much.


This entire book is based on scientific research and the author has left no stone unturned to make his writing fun to read and easy to remember. The reason being professor walker’s love for sleep. And to our good luck his mission that is to find any and all methods for uniting humanity the sleep desperately needs. That’s why there are no jargon and difficult phases. Mr. Matthew don't want to sound like a scientist here he just wants to spread this wisdom as far as possible.

What to expect?

After finishing this book you will have a deep understanding of things from Sleep rhythm, jetlag, melatonin, time dilation, caffeine and its effects on sleep(If you think you know this one, let me tell you you’re not even close), REM and NREM sleep, changes in sleep across the lifespan, the benefits of sleep, the effects of sleep activation on human body, all about dreams to sleeping pills, night caps, whistles and how sleep deprivation can kill you. 

There is so much to digest, still it took me only three days to finish it, even with a slow pace as I didn’t want to rush things.

Final Comments

This book is one of a kind masterpiece on sleep and everyone, regardless of age or their level of health should read it. My advice is to read it slow and to take notes as you progress.


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